Electronic Prescribing Service

Updated on 5th August 2015 at 11:11 am


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) will commence on the 5th August 2015.  This service will mean that your GP will be able to send your prescription electronically to a pharmacy of your choice – without the need for paper in most cases.  The Electronic Prescription Service is reliable, secure and confidential.

If you would like to use the Electronic Prescription Service, you will need to ‘nominate’ a pharmacy to receive your prescription electronically. You can ask a member of staff in your pharmacy to arrange this, or by contacting the practice.

You can then continue to order your prescriptions in the normal way, but instead of a paper prescription being collected by you or your pharmacy, the prescription will be sent to them electronically.

Nomination is very flexible and can be cancelled or changed at any time by asking a member of staff at the pharmacy or surgery.

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