Practice Policies

Updated on 3rd July 2013 at 10:39 am



Confidentiality is the cornerstone of health care and central to the work of everyone working in general practice.  All information about patients is confidential; from the most sensitive diagnosis, to the fact of having visited the surgery.
The duty of confidentiality owed to a person under 16 is as great as the duty owed to any other person.  No identifiable information about a patient will be passed to anyone or any agency (outside the NHS) without the expressed permission of that patient, except when this is essential for providing care or necessary to protect somebody’s health, safety or wellbeing.
Individual patients have a right to be supplied with a copy of all of the personal information data we hold about that individual (that would not harm a third party). Requests for access should be made in writing to the Practice Manager. (Please note, the individual must provide proof of identity containing a recent photograph such as a passport before they are given access to records and a small fee will be chargeable.)

Violence and Abusive Behaviour

Violent or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. If ever a patient (or a member of their immediate family) is violent towards a doctor, a member of the practice team or any other person present on the practice premises, then the individual and all members of their immediate family will be removed from the practice list. This includes the use of threatening or abusive language.

Missed Appointments

The practice operates a strict policy on keeping appointments, this is to ensure we provide the best possible service to all our
patients.  Patients who fail to keep their appointment more than 3 times in a calendar year will be removed from the practice list.


Statement of Intent